ShockerRider5, also known as Nikki, is a crazy tokusatsu fangirl on Dailymotion. She edits videos of 1970's tokusatsu shows in Sony Vegas and basically makes weird stuff. Sometimes, a Mazinger or two comes in, may be even a Peanuts kid, but it's basically mostly toku and stuff.


OMGZ ITZ TEH REAL SHOKERRIDER5!!!!1!!!11!!one!!1!11

The story of ShockerRider5 Edit

Alright, so to begin, there were two Shocker Riders, 1 and 2. They were all like, "YO WE GOT SOME MOAR SHOKERS OUT THERE" to Hayato Ichimonji and Takeshi Hongo then we saw Shocker Rider 3, 4, 6, but most importantly... 5! Then they got their asses kicked in the ne- oh wait that's episode 93 of Kamen Rider my bad.

However, THIS Shocker Rider 5 has a much more boring backstory. Like, more boring than watching paint dry. So she saw an article on KYM about Japanese Spiderman, watched the show, got into tokusatsu, and that was it. Happy?

About teh Shocker Rider Edit

So, anyways, I will tell you guys about myself. IM TWEE IN A HAFF YEERS OLD AND I DUNNO HOW 2 INTERNETZZ LOLOLOLOL

JK, I'm just a teenage girl, with an "eh" life. But that ain't interesting. My life is boring. It's got pumpkins written all over it.

So, anyways, I was born in some hospital in Voorhees, and they thought I was SPESHUL because I was tiny. Yeah, I'm not so tiny right now. I'm huge. Like, Godzilla huge. (not really) The chair I'm sitting in is brown. My computer screen is on this page. WHY IS THERE A GINORMOUS BUG ON MY WALL?! Alright, so I'm a gamer. I play Toontown, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Pokémon, and so much more. But obviously, my main focus is tokusatsu. Tokusatsu is my life, specifically ones from the 1970's. Those are the best. Heck, I've even listened to every single 1970's tokusatsu theme song EVER. Yep, that's right.

So yeah, that concludes it. I don't have much to say. -_-

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