The awesome bug-lord in all his glory

Ah yes, Inazuman. You guys are probably like, "whos he" and "why is he so speshul" Well, if you ask that, shame on you. If you know who he is, then you realize that he is the MOST AWESOMEST GUY EVARRRR!!!!!

No, seriously, he is. He is like, the definition of awesome. Just take a good look at the picture beside me. How can you not define that as awesome?!

history Edit

In 1973, Shotaro Ishimori decided he should make moar bugz. Was he going to make another Skull-Man like hero? No, too Kamen Rider-like. Another Kamen Rider? TOO MUCH RIDER! So, he tried to come up with something awesome. Something that contained the awesomeness of Kikaida and Kamen Rider combined. Something that was humanoid. So, then he said, "Let there be awesomeness." and there was Inazuman.

true story bro

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